Integrated management and control of state border is conducted in order to:

- secure the inviolability of state border;
- protect life and health of people;
- prevent and discover criminal offences and minor offences, discover and arrest the offenders;
- prevent, detect and stop illegal migration;
- provide for the security of people and their property and protection of environment in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo;
- prevent, discover and investigate trans-border crime in partnership with state law enforcement agencies.
- prevent and discover all other threats to security and public order related to state borders.
- prevent illegal movement of goods and movable properties to ensure that customs excise and taxes are paid as provided under the Law.
- prevent the movement of infected goods and livestock across the state border

Bodies which perform integrated management and control of the state border

Integrated management and control of the state border shall mainly be the responsibility and competence of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
The tasks of integrated management and control of state border are mainly performed by the border police and assisted by other relevant state agencies.

Border police shall be responsible for:

- management and control at the Border Crossing Points.
- management, control, and supervision along the Green Border.
- management, control, and supervision along the Blue Border.
- management and control within the Republic of Kosovo in matters relating to border issues.
- issuing temporary travel documents as defined by the Minister of Internal Affairs.
- security at International Airports in cooperation with the Airport operator and relevant authorized authorities.
- prevention of terrorist acts in partnership with all law enforcement agencies.
- determining the right of any person wishing to enter or leave Kosovo in regards to visa and entry requirements.
- temporary closing of the borders, pursuant to a Ministerial decision.
- issuing temporary authorization to cross the Green and Blue Border in response to a Ministerial decision.