Work permits

Policies for granting work permit for foreign citizens

Government of the Republic of Kosovo according to the policies on migration, stay and labor market at the end of each year for the coming year sets the number of employment permits for foreign persons, in accordance with the employment opportunities of foreign persons in our country.

The number of employment permits of foreign citizens in the Republic of Kosovo is proposed by the
Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.
The number of employment permits for foreign citizens shall be at latest, on 15th December of the present year for the next year.

Employment Permit

A person, who are not citizens of Kosovo, when willing to work in the territory of Republic of Kosovo for a timeframe of less than three (3) months shall be granted the employment permit issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

If a legal person meets the conditions and criteria of this and other laws applicable in the Republic of Kosovo, must be granted the work permit issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare

The types of Work Permit

The types of work permit can be:

• the work permit of type A issued for foreign citizens not less than six (6) month ;
• the work permit of type B issued for foreign citizens to work in a appointed profession, in a definite geographical zone, to an appointed employer ;
• the work permit of type B go for a yearly period ;
• this work permit type can be renovated for a yearly period, when the main circumstances have not changed for donation of previous work permit ;
• the work permit of type C issued for the resident foreigners in Republic of Kosovo, who take the work permit of type B, that the total validity get hold minimum three (3) years of period of time, during a continuous period of inhabitation. Work Permit of type C can be given to the foreign citizens to work in every activity and in whole territory of Republic of Kosovo, without limitation in appointed employer. This work permit type can utilize for a five (5) year period of time.
• the work permit of type D (self-employment permit) is given for the self-employed foreign citizens, by limiting their activity in a definite geographical zone. The duration of this work permit is one (1) year with right of renovation;
• the work permit of type E ( self-employment permit) is given for the self-employed foreign citizens for every activity and without geographical limitation, that have take work permit of consecutive of type, which the validity have the minimal date of three (3) year. This work permit is valid within timeframe of five (5) years;
• the work permit of type F ( for Students) is given to foreign persons who study in Kosovo for Educational year in continuation. This work permit is given only for half-time during the educational
• year and with full time of work during the recessional between Academic year or Semesters;
• the work permit of type G is given to foreigner citizens who invest in Republic of Kosovo and employ not less than two (2) Kosovo citizens per every foreign citizens employee. The date of this permit is one (1) year with right of renovation.
• the work permit of type H is given to foreign citizens who have been equipped with consecutive permit of type G, where the validity have the minimal three (3) year period of time. The work permit of type H is given for the timeframe of five (5) years.

Ways to apply for work permit request

The request for getting a work permit shall be submitted in written form before starting the work, by fulfilling relevant official forms.

Request form shall be provided at Employment offices within the MLSW.

The Cancellation of work permit

The work permit will be canceled from the competent authority if:

• is flagging in indication base of unverified for employee or employer;
• the employer doesn’t conclude the contract with the foreigner in foreseen legal time;
• the foreigner in base of work permit, does the job for which it is not related the work contract;
• works for other employer who based on the work permit cannot be related the work contract;
• the foreigner is not allowed or is ceased his/her temporary stay in Republic of Kosovo.

Special Conditions for Foreign Citizens Employment

Except general provisions drawn by this Law and other applicable laws, the foreign citizen in order to be employed in Republic of Kosovo should fulfill the following special conditions:  to possess stay permit in the Republic of Kosovo, conform the Law on Granting Permit for work and employment of Foreign Citizens in Republic of Kosovo; and Administrative Instruction no. 17/2009


Together with the request for work permit, employer is obliged to submit:

• the document for stay permit in the Republic of Kosovo, or proof for possessing official valid visa.
• details of the job position, qualifications and nature of the job and employment of the foreign citizen.
• details of the employers main office, with the rationale for employment of the foreign person,
• conditions of employment contract, number of employees, types of jobs and their duration;
• certification for registry of business or similar activity or freelance occupation, who runs activities in his/her trade company, who possesses the majority of stakes in a joint Venture Company in Kosovo or to the foreign person who offers services on behalf of foreign employer;

the certification from Employment Office by which is verified that among the jobseekers of Kosovo there no persons who fulfill the work conditions where the foreign


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