In line with the National Programme for the Preparation of Technical Requirements (TR), approved by Government Decision (HG) no. 873 of the 30th of July 2004, priority lines for the preparation of technical requirements by the Republic of Moldova for the period from 2005 to 2007 have been developed.

Government Decisions no 1053 of the 12th of September 2006, no. 564 of the 21st of May 2007 and no. 781 of the 1st of July 2008 allocating budgetary means for the preparation of technical requirements did not provide for a full list of TRs to be developed in addition to the TR list approved by HG 873.

At the present time (the 1st of May 2010), a total of 87 technical requirements have been prepared and are being enforced, 50 of them being harmonized with the applicable European normative acts, including:

a) A total of 19 of the 28 directives falling under the ‘New Approach’ category have been transposed through 17 national technical requirements. In the context, the lists of additional standards have been approved for 7 national TRs, the list comprising all harmonized European standards only for the TR “Toys. Safety Requirements”.

b) A total of 33 European normative acts (21 of which being EC regulations and 12 being EC directives) have been transposed through 22 national TRs in the agro-food sector.