Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is the competent body in charge of policy and adoption of regulations for implementation of laws in the food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy fields. 

Ministry of Health is the competent body in charge of policy, adoption and implementation of regulations in the field of safety of food of plant origin following the primary production level, copmosite food safety and other food safety.

Phytosanitary Administration is the competent body in charge of implementation of regulations and administrative and related professional and inspection works, and also for coordination and contacts in relation to phytosanitary issues.
The legal framework for phytosanitary policy in Montenegro is comprised of the Law on Plant Health Protection, Law on Plant Protection Products, Law on Agricultural Plant Seeds Material, Law on Planting Material, Law on Plant Varieties Protection, Law on Plant Nutrition Products, Law on Food Safety and Law on Genetically Modified Organisms along with the relevant by-laws.

Veterinary Directorate is the competent body in charge of implementation of regulations from the food safety and veterinary.

The basic legal acts that define the control system for imports of live animals, semen, ova, embryos, products of animal origin and feed are the following: Veterinary Law, Law on Identification and Registration of Animals, Law on Animal Protection, Law on Food Safety and the by-laws adopted on the basis of these laws. The Rulebook on conditions and duration of quarantine for imported animals defines requirements regarding necessary tests and duration of the quarantine for certain animal species. A special Rulebook regulates the conditions on import of food, the type and the quality of food of animal origin, the combined food, the pet food and the herbs and herbal products that are used to supply the crew and passenger in international means of transport, the food that is used during travel in means of transport, food or feed ordered for delivery.