In this part of the CEFTA Web Portal you will find the most important customs import/export procedures separately for each CEFTA Economy. Procedures include but are not limited to: 1.The location of customs clearance offices; 2.The working hours in each office; 3.The procedures to follow based on the destination of your goods; 4.The documents to present to customs authorities for obtaining approval for the relevant destination; 5.The officially approved documents given to you by customs authorities in each case; 6.The procedures followed by customs authorities for calculating the customs value of your goods; 7.The definition of rules of origins determining customs preferential or non preferential tariffs; 8.The Free Trade Agreements signed by each CEFTA Economy with the other signatories. In cases where the final destination of goods is one of the CEFTA Economies, please refer to the import procedures section of this Economy on this portal. In cases where goods transit through different economies before arriving to their final destination, please refer to the transit procedures of these economies. If goods exit one of the CEFTA Economies included in this site, please refer to the export procedures for the relevant Economy.

Import procedure

Persons (natural or legal) engaged in import must present proper documentation required for the purpose of the application of the rules regulating this customs procedure. Laws and bylaws that regulate the import procedure  are as follow:

• Customs and Excise Code
• Law on international trade
• Administrative instruction no. AU01/2011

Documents, certificates, declarations used during import procedure

Every person interested in importing goods to Kosovo* is required to follow the import procedures established by  Customs. The  Customs require the following documents:

The Unique Customs Declaration (UCD)

The Import Declaration (ICD) is an official form issued by Customs. This document can be retrieved at every branch of Customs. Every entity, that exports goods in Kosovo* for trade shall declare these goods by completing the UCD forms.


The Invoice is issued by every economic entity/trader abroad.
The invoice should contain the basic elements of the trade transaction, such as:

a) date of transaction,
b) date of goods leverage,
c) exact name and address of the buyer,
d) exact name and address of the trader abroad,
e) number of units or packages, precise description of goods,
f) price per unit and total value of transaction,
g) Allowed rate and losses during transportation.

If the invoice does not contain one of the above-mentioned elements, it may be refused by the customs authorities or may cause suspicion for further investigations. Customs have the right to carry out verification and investigation following customs clearance and have the right to re-evaluate customs obligations of import based on the aforementioned verifications.  

Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Origin EUR1 is not obligatory during the importation of goods, excluding cases where the imported goods are included in the lists of different schemes of preferential profit rates (Article 31 of Customs Code of Kosovo*).  In such cases, in order to be treated according to these preferences, you must be supplied with such a certificate, issued by the competent institutions.

Veterinary and phytosanitary certificates

The veterinary, phytosanitary  and sanitary certificate,  in case of importation of goods with animal and vegetable origin as well as their by-products, it is obligatory the goods be accompanied by corresponding veterinary, phytosanitary and sanitary certificates.

Import permits

Import into Kosovo* is not subject to any permits given that the market is open and free. However, in specific cases, such as oil, oil derivates and gases, the import is limited by permits and in order to import the above-mentioned products, you need to possess the suitable permit. For more information, refer to the link: Import permits

The required documents for vehicles/drivers are as follows:

All vehicle drivers that import goods into Kosovo*, or transit  with their vehicles, should possess:

• A valid passport;
• A valid driving license (for the driver);
• Vehicle circulation permit;
• Insurance;
• Disinfection of vehicle (carried-out at every BCP/CCP entrance with Kosovo*).

Special conditions for import procedure



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