Technical requirements

In this part of the CEFTA Web Portal you will find the technical requirements procedures separately for each CEFTA Economy. Procedures include but are not limited to: 1.The legally approved technical standards of the respective Economy; 2.The procedures that need to be followed for meeting technical requirements; 3.The documents required for proving your goods comply with these technical requirements; 4.The official procedures followed by relevant authorities to monitor and control the fulfillment of these technical requirements. In cases where the final destination of goods is one of the CEFTA Economies, please refer to the import technical procedures for that Economy on this portal. In cases where goods are exported from the territory of one of the CEFTA Economies included in this web portal, please refer to the export technical procedures section of that Economy.

Laws and regulations


Macedonian legislation stipulates establishment and application of adequate and reliable procedures regarding the requirements for general safety of products, the manner of prescribing technical requirements, as well as the mutual recognition principles for compliance with foreign documents and markings.

The main legislation include Law on Product Safety (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia 33/06 и 63/07), Law on Metrology (Official Gazette 55/02, 84/07 and 120/09), Law on the Control of Articles of Precious Metals (Official Gazette 23/95 and 22/07) and Law on Accreditation (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia No. 120/2009).

Technical requirements standard

The regulation stipulates certain requirements for specific products, which could refer to:

1. Minimal substantial requirements which should be fulfilled by the products;
2. Procedure, manner and conditions for evaluation of the products compliance with prescribed requirements;
3. Conditions to be fulfilled by the authorities that take part in the compliance evaluation  procedure;
4. Type of accompanying documents when products are being released on the market or in circulation;
5. Obligation and manner of marking products;
6. Reference to standards and other technical specifications;
7. Format and content of the technical documentation, as well as manner and record keeping period; and
8. Protective clause and reporting procedure.

Enclosed are the technical requirements for the following groups of products (available only in Macedonian):

- Children’s toys;
- Simple pressure vessels;
- Pressure equipment;
- Portable pressure equipment;
- Electromagnetic compatibility;
- Machine safety;
- Electro-technical equipment;
- Utilization of lifts and transporters;
- Utilization of pressure equipment;
- Basic requirements for buildings;
- Establishing compliance of construction products.

The procedures description

The technical regulations are adopted by the Minister of Economy or the minister authorized by law as competent authority for affairs regarding production, market and releasing certain products or group of products into free circulation. When importing a product subject to this rerulation, the importer must ensure that the product is compliant with prescribed technical requirements.

Evaluation of the compliance with technical requirements could be done by the authorised legal entities. The Minister of Economy issues such an authorisation, based on criteria for acreditation in accordance with the Law on Accreditation. The authorised entities have the power to issue compliance certificates upon written applications by the interested legal or natural persons.

The Republic of Macedonia acknowledges the foreign compliance documents and markings issued in accordance with the international agreements signed and ratified by the Republic of Macedonia.

Authorities monitoring and control


The monitoring and control over the enforcement of the provisions from the Law on Products Safety is done by the State Market Inspectorate, State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate, as well as some other official inspection authorities.

The monitoring and control of the accredited authorities for compliance evaluation is done by the Institute for Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia (IARM). IARM decides on the accreditation manner and procedure for establishing the competences of the compliance evaluation authorities, as well as control over the compliance with the accreditation requirements. 

The Bureau of Metrology is an authority at the Ministry of Economy in charge of the implementation of the Law on Metrology and the Law on the Control of Articles of Precious Metals. The Bureau of Metrology inspects the compliance with the metrology standards by the vehicles and other types of goods and issues export/import permits for these types of goods.



Law on Metrology
Law on Accreditation

Documents available only in Macedonian language:

Закон за безбедност на производите/ Law on Product Safety
Закон за контрола на предметите од скапоцени метали/ Law on the Control of Articles of Precious Metals
Правилник за детски играчки/ Requirements on children’s toys
Правилник за едноставни садови под притисок/ Requirements on simple pressure vessels
Правилник за опрема под притисок/ Requirements on pressure equipment
Правилник за пренослива опрема под притисок/ Requirements on portable pressure equipment
Правилник за т/ Requirements on electromagnetic compatibility  
Правилник за 
безбедност на машини/ Requirements on machine safety
Правилник за користење на лифтови и транспортери/ Requirements on utilization of lifts and transporters  
Правилник за користење на опрема под притисок/ Requirements on utilization of pressure equipment
Правилник за утврдување на сообразност на градежни производи/ Requirements on establishing compliance of construction products


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