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In this part of the CEFTA Trade Web Portal you will find the procedures that apply to foreigners entering the economy in each CEFTA Economy. Border control procedures are divided into two parts: visa requirements and working permits. This trade portal only includes border procedures for citizens from CEFTA Economies. These include: 1.Border crossing procedures for citizens from other CEFTA Economies; 2.Visa regulations and fees for citizens from other CEFTA Economies; 3.Working permits for citizens from other CEFTA Economies; 4.Documents for obtaining working permits in the respective CEFTA Economy. If you would like to know more about border crossing procedures, please refer to the respective links under the section for border control for each Economy.

Laws and regulations

The Law No. 9959 of 17 July 2008 “On Foreigners” arranges the employment relations of a foreigner, in the Republic of Albania.

The type of the working permits depends on the type of the employment.


Quotas varies from 6,000-10,000 ALL.

Work permits

Working permits may be these types:

• A/NK working permits for cross-border employment;
• A/PS working permits for seasonal workers;
• A/SHV working permits for persons performing voluntary services or working in the framework of youth exchanges;
• B/VP working permits for self-employed persons;
• A/AF working permits for family members;
• A/S working permits for students;
• C working permits for special cases;
• B/I working permits for investors;
• A/TN working permits for persons who are transferred within companies;
• D working permits for persons who have received a second permit;
• A/FP working permits for vocational training;
• A/P working permits for investors.

Working permits issuance

For any of the work permits, the applicants must submit the specified documentation to: 

a) the relevant employment office in the jurisdiction where the investor will conduct his or her economic activity, if he or she is legally staying in the Republic of Albania; 
b) the Directorate General of the National Employment Service when the investor will conduct his or her economic activity in more than one geographical regions, if he or she is legally staying the Republic of Albania;
c) the diplomatic presence of the Republic of Albania in his or her economy of origin.

For any of the work permits, the work permit  application must be submitted by:

a) a foreigner,
b) a person authorized by a foreigner. 

The application for being exempted from the obligation to have a work permit is submitted by:

1. a foreigner;
2. the employer with whom a foreigner has an employment contract;
3. a person authorized by the employer;


When applying for a working permit for the first time, the following documentation must be submitted: 

a) An application bearing the personal
b) The Foundation Act, Statute and the
 Registration Certificate for the Employer; 
c) The Power of Attorney for the authorized  person; 
ç) Copy of the passport; 
d) Five photographs; 
e) The original copy of the employment


The following are exempt from the obligation to have a work permit:

1. consultants or advisors to central state institutions;
2. international organizations’ technical assistance missions to central institutions;
3. representatives of international organizations with a diplomatic status or foreigners enjoying diplomatic and consular privileges and immunities under international law;
4. staff of cross-border transport of goods and persons, when they do not stay in the Albanian territory for more than three months and their head offices are registered abroad;
5. foreigners who are members of military forces or civil units of a NATO member state;
6. persons with more than one citizenships, one of which is Albanian;
7. representatives of the mass media, foreign reporters or correspondents accredited to the Republic of Albania who work for a foreign employer;
8. persons who are negotiating an agreement or are curating a fair pavilion up to one month;
9. persons who are installing machinery or constructions delivered by a foreign company, and who are servicing and repairing the machinery, and are training Albanian or foreign staff in operating such machinery, for up to one month;
10. main managers of nonprofit organizations, who are not representatives of religious and humanitarian institutions or  foundations that are recognized by, and registered with, the       responsible bodies of the Albanian state, who are not remunerated for their work;
12. members of ship or airplane crew who are temporary staying in the Republic of Albania for up to three months;
13. business visitors who are staying in the Republic of Albania for less than one month;
14. foreign lecturers, scholars or specialists who come to the Republic of Albania under a bilateral agreement signed by the Government or the educational institutions..



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