Authorized Economic Operators

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Economy Full name Status AEO authorisation type Start date End date Actions
Serbia DHL INTERNATIONAL D.O.O. Current 31/05/2019
Serbia UNION ŠPED D.O.O. Current 18/04/2019
Serbia CARGO - PARTNER D.O.O. Current 05/04/2019
Serbia HBT LOGISTIKA D.O.O. Current 21/02/2019
Serbia FLAYING CARGO YU D.O.O. Current 07/01/2018
Serbia FERMICO ŠPED D.O.O. Current 16/11/2018
Serbia KUHNE-NAGEL D.O.O. Current 12/11/2018
Serbia SDL GROUP D.O.O. Current 30/04/2018
Serbia INTEREUROPA A.D. Current 31/01/2018
Serbia TRANSFERA D.O.O. Current 17/11/2017
Serbia NELT CO D.O.O. Current 10/08/2017
Serbia „DSD EUROLINE“ D.O.O. Current 15/06/2016
Serbia „DSD EUROLINE TRANSPORT“ D.O.O. Current 15/06/2016
Serbia „PRO TEAM“D.O.O. Current 25/05/2016
Serbia MILŠPED D.O.O. Current 29/05/2015
Serbia GEBRÜDER WEISS DOO Current 29/05/2015
Serbia „HEMOFARM“ А.D. Current 08/04/2015
North Macedonia Dauti Komerc AD Current 22/05/2023
North Macedonia Pekabesko AD Current 16/11/2022
North Macedonia Kromberg I Subert Makedonija BT Dooel Current 24/01/2022

Number of records: 118

  • AEOC - Authorised Economic Operator is authorized for Customs simplifications
  • AEOS - Authorised Economic Operator is authorized for Security and safety
  • AEOF - Authorised Economic Operator is authorized for Customs simplifications/Security and safety