Authorized Economic Operators

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Economy Full name Status AEO authorisation type Start date End date Actions
Moldova Î.C.S. ASENA-TEXTIL S.R.L. Current 24/08/2015
Moldova MMD S.R.L. Current 08/02/2024
Moldova MONICOL S.R.L. Current 02/06/2015
Moldova REGIUNEA-EXIM S.R.L. Current 03/03/2015
Moldova Î.C.S. GG CABLES & WIRES EE S.R.L. Current 16/02/2015
Moldova GELIBERT S.R.L. Current 17/01/2015
Moldova Î.M. ROMSTAL TRADE S.R.L. Current 17/01/2015
Moldova Î.C.S. DRA DRAEXLMAIER AUTOMOTIVE Current 17/01/2015
Moldova ADENOSAR S.R.L. Current 03/11/2022
Moldova F.C.P. ROGOB S.R.L. Suspended 04/11/2014 02/11/2022
Moldova TEHELECTRO-SV S.R.L. Current 04/11/2014
Moldova RUMEON S.R.L. Current 04/11/2014
Moldova S.A. ALFA-NISTRU Current 04/11/2014
Moldova S.A. ORHEI-VIT Current 04/11/2014
Moldova FORWARD INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. Current 04/11/2014
Moldova CARTNORD S.R.L. Current 04/11/2014
Moldova Î.M. STEINEL ELECTRONIC S.R.L. Current 04/09/2014
Bosnia and Herzegovina Nelt d.o.o. Current 11/10/2023

Number of records: 118

  • AEOC - Authorised Economic Operator is authorized for Customs simplifications
  • AEOS - Authorised Economic Operator is authorized for Security and safety
  • AEOF - Authorised Economic Operator is authorized for Customs simplifications/Security and safety